16 January 2007

First Post

Well chaps, we've spent enough time gaming over the past 10 years (good god!) that I thought it worthwhile keeping some sort of record; the dizzying highs and lows in all their dice throwing, mickey taking, sulk inducing glory. Lest we Forget...

Having played a decent amount of WAB over the past year we're finally getting to the point where we have a reasonable grasp of the rules and our campaign fo the ancient world has been taking shape. Starting with 1000pts, playing pitched battles with Picts, Romans and Egyptians for Col, Steve and Dunc respectively we've now added a second army each. Have maps and rules and rules and bits to post up - this is taking up most of our gaming time at the mo as it's pretty addictive, especially when you get the history bug and start reading up on background.

Hoping to get a North African Flames of War campaign started with Steve once my 8th Army is fully painted - about a third done so far - possibly the earlier part of the war, so 1941-1942 up to the arrival of the DAK depending on Dunc's interest. It's an awesome game and we haven't really scratched the surface yet with V2 out so looking forward to it. Also making/painting some corresponding terrain that works for other games too.

Might squeeze in the occaisional game of Necromunda which is an old favourite - esp as we have some fairly impressive tho as yet unpainted scenery. Hoping to get hold of a copy of Victory at Sea by Mongoose, not having played naval stuff before the idea of an easy pick up game appeals. Duncan is working (as always) on some 28mm skirmish rules which may or may not see the light of day, his other project is a ruleset for the Wild West which would be great to play although I think we might also give Legends of the Old West a go once we get bored with all of the above.