18 February 2007

Some nice shots here of a couple of games me and steve played this weekend. The strong natural light coming through his front window in the afternoon gives a high contrast and we were pretty pleased how they turned out.
We played both games at 1500pts, the first was Encounter where my motor company dug in and countered on the right with Grant tanks and carriers. Steve's tanks were split over both flanks and the grants knocked out the L6 light tanks quickly allowing the carries to advance on His artillery. On the Left flank His M14's were seen off by the now dug in RHA battery though he manages to overrun an infantry platoon in the eventual assault, his company commander went down to my infantry follow up leaving little left to fight on.
The second game was Hold the Line and whilst i managed to pour a lot of shells onto his advancing light tanks and infantry the survivors doggedly kept on and managed to hold up on my forward objective long enough to grasp a close win. I was a bit unlucky and should have kept a closer eye on the distance from my objective but they were both great games. Steve's now got himself a pair of Lancia's on order to counter my Grants so we'll see how i do next time but have really enjoyed playing motor company so far.

16 February 2007

Veni vidi vici

Right, quick update as it's friday and steve wants some pictures of his all-conquering Romans on here which are currently cutting a swathe through both me and duncans warhammer ancient armies...so much so we've had to concede he got the best of us in 2006 but here's to the new year

01 February 2007

Can't believe Feb is here already but we've done well for getting some gaming in, with Steve continuing to prove himself the daddy of WAB he's registered for this years tourney in Nottingham where he'll likely get some stiffer opposition than my picts who seem to be developing a nasty habbit of waiting till they've almost won the day before fleeing to the hills in screaming panic. Skirt wearing lassies.

In the intrests of preserving some gaming dignity in the face of multiple defeats me and Dunc had the idea of a quick 500 pt game with a randomly generated (D20) army from the list below:

1 Roman (Roll further D6): 1-2 Republican (Hannibal) 3-4 Imperial (Rulebook) 5-6 Late (AoA)

2 Spanish (Hannibal)

3 Numidian (Hannibal)

4 Early Gaul (Hannibal)

5 Ligurian (Hannibal)

6 Persian (Roll Further D6): 1-3 Achaemenid Persians (AoA) 4-6 The end of Persia (Alexander)

7 Hittite (Chariot Wars)

8 New Age Egyptian (Chariot Wars)

9 Isrealite (Chariot Wars)

10 Assyrian Or Babylonian (on 4+)(Chariot Wars)

11 Trojan and Mycenaean Greek (Chariot Wars)

12 Ancient Chinese (AoA)

13 Nomadic Hordes (AoA)

14 Barbarian (WAB Rulebook)

15 Carthaginian (Hannibal)

16 Greek (On D6 5+ may be mercenary list from Alexander) (AoA)

17 Macedonian (Alexander)

18 Indian (Roll D6): 1-2 Main list, 3 Classical Indian, 4 Mountain Indian, 5 Republican Indian, 6 Mauryan Indian (Alexander)

19 Frontier Horsemen (Alexander)

20 Thracians (Alexander)

No characters, elephants or warmachines are allowed, obviously the facing armies can be by agreement but this gives the opportunity to try out different lists. Our first game took less than an hour and I did finally manage a win...
Also managed to get some photo's on here; my 8th army Motor company for Flames of War which are about halfway towards 1500pts so might have them finished by next month.