27 April 2007


Okay so 300 wasn't actually all that as a film but it was pretty much inevitable that we'd want to recreate it at some point. In the end we settled for 2500pts apeice with the Spartan hoplitess deploying as a single 1250pt unit lead by Leonidis and supported by 1000pts of peltasts and Theban hoplites.

The first few turns saw duncans persian cavalry threatening the Thebans on the Spartan left flank whilst his archers came forward to ensure we were definitely fighting in the shade. Frustratingly his levy infantry kept well out of reach and all the Spartans could realldo was hold the centre. On the left the Thracian light infantry came forward in a mad rush to intercept the cavalry, a gamble that very nearly paid off but in the end the cavalry managed to grind them down and persued them from the field.

Towards the end Dunc managed to flank the massive spartan unit with his Immortals, eventually supporting them with his levy in the final few turns whilst his light cavalry broke into the rear. Whilst the Spartans typically held their ground, the Theban hoplites, held down by heavy armour and threatened by flanking cavalry were unable to move in to provide support and the game ground on with few decisive moments - in the end we had to settle for a somewhat unsatisfactory draw but we'll kick of the 2007 season with a 1000 pt league - this time with bloody turn limits....

Historically accurate phalanx formation. Ahem.

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