22 June 2007

More 40k - Col's Eldar

Sticking with the Desert theme I thought I'd post some pics of my rather less completed Eldar - not done any work on these for ages but they were the first Army i collected for 40k, I even have some of the original figs somewhere so this is probably the one i'll keep from ebay just in case we fancy a game for nostalgic reasons:

Group shot from a while back - very simple two stage brown wash used

Wraithlord conversion - one of my vavourites to do as the original model is very static looking - cutting into the knee joints meant i could get a more dynamic pose.

Group shot with the Vypers in the foreground - some of the nicest platstic kits produced by GW at the time.

Guardians in the foreground to show scale - have another Wraithlord to finish for these guys - one rainy day maybe...

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