22 June 2007


Truth be told I just don't enjoy playing Warhammer 40k these days - it was the game we all grew up on, huge games on the living room floor with scenery improvised from anything you could find, half painted armies blu-tacked together, it never quite went away. But as an actual game it seems a bit simplistic even if we do have some nicely painted stuff these days...

With that in mind here are a few shots of the collections we've amassed over the years - god knows how much we've spent, to say nothing of the time invested in getting it all done. First up some pics of Steve's almost complete Preatorians - back in the day these were produced by as a limited run by GW for a "Rourke's Drift" themed display when we all worked for GW, even remember painting some for the event:
Group shot with his converted Highlanders front right

Some of the sergeant and extra casualty figures are very characterful

Some of his converted cavalry with the HQ in the background

Lascannon teams as support

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The 25mm Warrior said...

Praetorians! Bitchen bro! Always cool to see someone do a army out of the normal ones you usually see. Sorry to hear 40k ain't doin it for you anymore. I get that way too about stuff from time to time. Cycles are the way of life but with an army like that it would be a sin for you to quit:)

Great job!