22 June 2007

Tale of three Armies

What with playing Ancients recently I really didn't see me getting back into playing Warhammer but we had a one off game using the ancinets figures and bits of a nearly forgotten Empire army at the back of the cupboard and were surprised how much we enjoyed it. I think playing without a magic phase really encourages you to focus on unit combat which is the real strength of the Warhammer game. Gives us a beak from playing too much Ancients and getting too jaded with it.
As a result we dusted off the old figures and set about working up three seperate 1000pt lists - trying to get a different theme for each one - having rummaged around the spares boxes we found just about enough figures to cover all three armies - I plumped for solid infantry with a bit of everything, Steve is working on a Nuln based gunline and Dunk's is more of a Crusader theme with lots of knights and archers.

So firstly a WIP on my 1000pts - The main part being two units of Swordsmen with militia detatchments and a Mortar, with two units of Handgunners for the flanks and a flanking force of Knights and Pistoliers:

One of the Swordsmen units - about 80% painted with the highlights and banners left to do.

Knights - managed to cobble together 10 from the bits box though i'll only have six in this list

Mortar with converted handgunners as crew - using up spare bits has made this a pretty cheap project with a lot of small individual touches.

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